Monday, April 4, 2011

TLC: Extreme Couponing (Will You Be Watching?)

Will you be watching?  I have to admit, I will.  Out of curiousity.  I did have a chance to watch the originally aired episodes and although I was impressed with the savings, I was left curious about several things: 
  1. How much money did each coupon enthusiast spend on coupon clipping services to obtain so many additional, identical coupons for the items they placed in their carts?  Certainly, that amount has to be factored into their shopping budget.
  2. How were they able to use so many identical coupons in one trip at the same store?  I shop Food Lion, Kroger and Harris Teeter and there is a limit as to how many identical coupons I am able to use per transaction, per store loyalty card, per day.  And the restrictions are even more detailed when using identical internet printable coupons. 
  3. How many hours per day do each of the individuals showcased spend clipping, sorting, and filing coupons and preparing their shopping list? 
My budget belief is, and always has been, this:  Spend smartly and save wisely. 

I allow my clipped coupons to work to my advantage.  I work from a small stockpile within my home and allow it to sustain our family whenever possible.  And while I enjoy the thrill of the sale (and the savings) I do not allow the task of couponing to over-run my life, my interests, my hobbies and my repsonsibilities as a mom and wife.  I do greatly enjoy knowing that my invested time and energy will be a return to my family, but, I resign my efforts there. 

I do use, and enjoy the convenience of, coupon clipping services when I feel it necessary.  If you have never taken advantage of this great service, I encourage you to visit the folks at Coupon BeatFrom time to time, I rely on their services for additional coupons when I am preparing to replinish a used stockpile.  (Cereal, for example, is consumed very quickly in our home and I enjoy receiving additional high value cereral coupons for great stockpile prices at the store).

And while I could continue on, I am curious to hear what your reaction is to Wednesday night's show.  I will be posting during the show so be sure to add your thoughts throughout! 

TLC:  Extreme Couponing will air Wednesday April 6 at 9/8 CST. 


  1. I will be watching I just love to see their savings. I think its great that they give stuff to shelters. I also like to get new ideas on how to save.

  2. This show is awesome! I am totally motivated to save money now:)

  3. when is the show going to start?