Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming Soon: The NEW HTD Website

Here's The Deal Announces NEW Website---Coming Next Month!

Here's The Deal is excited to announce the start of our new online website!  Work on the new site is slated to begin next month and should be complete by the end of July.  We have thought long and hard about what we wanted to include and searched high and low for the perfect pairing of web-designer and know-how and we know we got the best of the best!  We can't wait to sing her praises during the big unveil next month! 

The new site will be bigger, better and will offer more capabilities for HTD which result in easier site navigation and savings for you.  In addition to great coupon links and offers posted on the HTD blog right now, you will also be able to enjoy:
  • Stationary landing pages for weekly store matchups
  • Stockpiling strategies
  • Online video tutorials
  • An online shop (take HTD with you wherever you go!)
  • Printable coupon pages
  • Budget savvy vacation information
  • Military friendly savings and information
  • Coupon classes (both local and online classes)
  • And one of my new favorites:  What's For Dinner?  (A place to swap recipes, photos and add to your weekly menu plan WITH a downloadable menu/meal planner to save, print and re-use to help you stay on track)
And much more! 

We are also looking for weekly contributors to add to the HTD blog.  If you have a weekly blog regarding budget savvy fashion and would be interested in offering a weekly guest post, please contact HTD by email at   Please include your first and last name, the name of your blog, with a link to your blog or site and a brief description of how you incorporate fashion and savings into success. 

It's all very exciting for us and it's keeping us busy while we prepare for the BIG unveil next month.  We'll be rolling out the red carpet for this one, that's for sure! 


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