Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lot 18: Free $10.00 Credit Is Back!

Sign Up With Lot 18 Today And Enjoy A FREE $10.00 Credit

Have you signed up for Lot 18 yet?  The FREE $10.00 sign up credit is still available to new members!  Lot 18 is a member's only discount wine site that provides an impressive array of wine and wine pairings at even more impressive discounts.  (Upwards of 60% or more!)

Lot 18 offers premium wines curated by Lot 18 experts from some of the most renowned wine makers all over the world.  And because Lot 18 sources directly from the providers, Lot 18 is able to share substantial discounts with you on all available selections. 

And as an added bonus, Lot 18 is offering you a FREE $10.00 credit towards your first purchase, just for taking a moment to sign up.  (Save this credit for a special occassion and celebrate with a glass of something delicious!)

Check out my recent purchase from Lot 18 (I ordered on Monday, it arrived on Tuesday!)

My recent Lot 18 order:
A complete 12-piece seafood utensil set
for just $6.40 after credit and free shipping!
 Your FREE $10.00 credit never expires; be sure to sign up with Lot 18 and hold onto your credit for a special occasssion!


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