Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight's Dinner Plan: Chicken Parmesan (Just $.75 Per Person)

On the menu tonight:  Chicken Parmesan with warm dinner rolls (not shown above)  for just $.95 per person. 

This is one of my husband's favorite meals and he cleaned his plate, again, tonight.  This meal was super easy and super cheap.  And at just $.75 per person, it was much more economical than going out to eat at an Italian restaurant. 

Dinner started with a jar of Classico spaghetti sauce (I chose Classic Marinara for tonight's sauce), a can of Hunt's Diced Tomatoes, one box of Mueller's Thin Spaghetti, a splash of French's Worcestershire Sauce, a shake of McCormick Cayenne Pepper and three italian-seasoned chicken breasts from Purdue Chicken.  Everything in the picture was free, except the chicken, which I purchased on a manager's markdown special for $3.47 (after $2.00 coupon) for a pack of 5 individually wrapped and marinated boneless chicken breasts. 

Dinner total so far:  $.69 per chicken breast/per person

I wonder what's under the kitchen towel? 

12 delicious dinner rolls

I purchased a package of Rhodes White Dinner Rolls for just $.29 at my local Harris Teeter, making each roll just $.03 each.  Each family member enjoyed two dinner rolls with dinner tonight, bringing our dinner total to...

Dinner total so far:  $.75 per person

Rolls fresh out of the oven---dinner is ready! 

We finished dinner offer with warm dinner rolls and everyone was able to enjoy one piece of chicken, a hearty helping of pasta, delicious sauce and we topped it off with warm brownies (also free, thanks to a double coupon!) 

Dinner total per person (including free brownies for dessert) $.75

And there you have it:  Cheaper than fast food, faster than cheap food.  That's my home economics. 


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