Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FABULOUS FREEBIE: $20 Worth Of Personalized Labels For FREE

If you got the FREE $10 credit from Eversave recently (no longer available) this may be the perfect time to use the credit to purchase: 

$20 worth of personalized labels and custom tags from Label Your Stuff for $9
(or in your case, FREE!) 

There are two ways to take advantage of this offer:  one, will make this offer free and the other, will make this offer $6.  Stay with me!

Here's The Deal: (to get this deal for free using the pre-applied $10 credit)
- To get this offer for FREE, please click HERE to sign into your current Eversave account
- After signing in, please click HERE to view and purchase this deal.  Offer does not apply to shipping charges; a flat fee of $.87 shipping will be applied.

Didn't get the $10 credit a few weeks ago?  Don't worry!  There is still a way to take a few more dollars off this deal to make this a great steal for you, too!  
- Click HERE to register or sign into your existing Eversave account
- Then, click HERE to view and purchase this offer (an automatic $3.00 credit will be applied to this deal when you go through the two links provided, making this offer just $6.00)

This offer is available for a limited time so please enjoy while you can! 

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