Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farm Fresh $2.00 DOUBLE COUPON Event: My Before, After And Everything In Between

Farm Fresh $2.00 DOUBLE COUPON Event
Total for everything pictured here:  $1.40 (including tax!)
Farm Fresh $2.00 DOUBLE COUPON EVENT is without a doubt, my favorite coupon promotion in my local area.  Now, don't misunderstand me, I also greatly enjoy the Super Double Coupon Event at my local Harris Teeter but, because they only double up to $1.98 during that time, it eliminates the $2.00 coupons. 

And let's face it, $2.00 double coupons is a real treat!

So how did I do today?  Well, I am ready to find out, with you.  My frugal adventure began this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.  Or, as we say in our Navy house:  o'dark-thirty.  And it was dark outside. 

With quick shower and a brush of the teeth, I was out the door with coupon tote ready to roll.  I arrived at the store just before 6 a.m. (it's amazing how quickly you can get to the grocery store when you are 1 of 1 on the road in the morning) and I am proud to say:  I was the first person in the store.  I felt the same sense of excitement I do before a great deal on Black Friday.  And this time, I was going armed with coupons! 

It took me nearly 3 hours to complete my 9 transactions.  (Please, no judging folks)  But my patience and perseverance paid off greatly when it was all said and done: 

Transaction 1
Before:  $90.77
After:  $13.32
Total savings:  87%
My best savings today! 

Transaction 2
Before:  $29.53
After:  $1.40
Total savings: 97% (My best savings today)

Transaction 3
Before:  $31.94
After:  $11.96
Total savings: 64%

Transaction 4
Before:  $67.74
After:  $20.58
6 of my 9 receipts
Total savings: 71%

Transaction 5
Before:  $3.14
After:  $1.14
Total savings: 67%

Transaction 6
Before:  $43.35
After:  $19.35
Total savings: 57%

Transaction 7
Before:  $14.84
After:  $2.84
Total savings: 82%

Transaction 8
Before:  $74.36
After:  $30.72
Total savings: 60%
My best total today:  $1.40
(And that included 2 gallons of milk!)

Transaction 9
Before:  $6.25
After:  $2.28
Total savings:  67%

Grand total:
Before:  $361.92
After: $103.59 (with tax)
Total savings:  72% overall savings

*** Note:  Until today, I was unaware that Farm Fresh would graciously allow seperate transactions to accomodate additional doubled coupons at the register.  I spoke with the store manager this morning, after hearing that a customer could seperatate transactions.  Only with the permission of the store manager did I decide to split my transactions for better savings.  Additionally, as a curteousy to those in line behind me, I refrained from seperating my transactions and continued to re-enter the line until I had paid for each item in my cart. 

Now, what did I buy? 

4 - Emerald Breakfast On The Go 5-count
1 - Seattles Best Latte 4-pack
6 - Lipton Ice Tea Single Serve Bottle (2 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Mott's For Tots Apple Juice
1 - Tide Powder Detergent
5 - Kellogg's Fruit Snacks (2 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Farm Fresh King White Loaf Bread (FREE after coupon use)
4 - Clorox 2 Stain Remover Pen (FREE after coupon use)
15 - Campbell's Chunky Soup (7 FREE after coupon use)
4 - Lloyd's Barbeque Containers (2 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Cresh White Expressions Toothpaste
2 - Nivea for Women Body Wash
2 - Tylenol Precise Pain Cream (I only paid $1.00 for both after coupon use!)
2 - Bayer Extra Strenght Pain Reliever
13 - Garnier Fructis Shampoo (4 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Hi-C Orange Juice Boxes (FREE after coupon use)
2 - Keebler Deluxe Graham Cookies (1 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Keebler Oatmeal Cookies
3-  Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 FREE after coupon use)
4 - Rice Krispy Treat 8-count box (2 FREE after coupon use)
4 - Kellogg's NutriGrain Bars (2 FREE after coupon use)
5 - Gallon 2% white milk (FREE after coupon use)
4 - Lifesaver Gummi Savers
2 - Lifesaver Original 5 Flavors Hard Candy
2 - Kellogg's Eggo Waffles
6 - SimplyOrange Orange Juice (FREE after coupon use)
5 - Chef Boyardee Canned Foods (2 FREE after coupon use)
1 - Nestle Water 24-pack (FREE after coupon use)
3 - Mento's Chewing Gum (1 FREE after coupon use)
4 - Mento's UP2U Chewing Gum (2 FREE after coupon use)
3 - Vitamin Water (FREE after coupon use)
1 - Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Fajita Strips (just $.99 after coupon!)
2 - Simply Lemonade (FREE after coupon use)
1 - Tropicana Premium Orange Juice (found on clearance; only $.71 after coupon use)
2 - 3M Durable Tabs
1 - Colgate Toothpaste (FREE after coupon use)
1 - Dentek Floss Picks (FREE after coupon use)
2 - Purex with Zout Laundry Detergent
10 - Campbell's Mega Noodle Soup (4 FREE after coupon use)
6 - Trident Chewing Gum (2 FREE after coupon use)
2 - Sunshine Cheez-It Boxed Crackers (2 FREE after coupon use)
2 - Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies (1 FREE coupon use)
1 - Nabisco Wheat Thins (FREE with store promo)
3 - Coke 12-pack products (2 FREE after coupon use)
2 - Prego Pasta Sauce (1 FREE after coupon use)
2 - Gold Peak Tea

Total food/beverage items:  117
Total non-food items: 18
Total items:  135

Whew!  Overall, it was a great trip!  We have enough milk to last until the end of the month, and best of all, every gallon of milk was free.  I have enough "treats" to add to school lunches until the holiday break and we have enough soup for a rainy day this fall and winter.

And, I have several coupons for fresh fruit that I will return to use tomorrow.  I recently purchased fresh fruit and will have additional room for it tomorrow, after breakfast and school lunches are packed. 

Now, I am going to prop up my feet!

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