Monday, September 12, 2011

I Will Turn My Car Around For $1.67 (Regular Retail: $74.74)

Harris Teeter $74.74
HTD paid $1.67

Here's The Deal
(Here's how I did it!)
My husband and I stopped into our local Harris Teeter today for 2 gallons of milk after lunch together.  I didn't think to grab my coupon tote to take with me, afterall, I am familiar with my coupon inventory and for two gallons of milk, I did not have any applicable coupons. 

Lesson learned:  NEVER leave home without your coupons; even if you keep them in your car!

Here's why:
On our way to the checkout, we passed by a rack of health and beauty markdowns.  Included in the items were Maalox and Benefiber.  I knew I had coupons for these items because I just clipped them yesterday! 
My husband and I paid for the milk, we got into the car and came home.  I ran inside, grabbed my coupon tote and ran back to the store.  Luckily, we only live 2 minutes driving time from the store.

Here's how my transaction breaks down:
- (2) 26 ounce bottles Maalox for $4.08 each (originally $11.99 each for a total savings of $15.82)
- (4)72 caplet bottles of Benefiber for $4.31 each (originally $12.69 each for a total savings of 33.52)
Total before discount:  $74.74
Applied mark down savings:  $49.34
Total before coupons and after applied savings: $25.40

I used: 
- (2) $10.00/3 Benefiber, Gas-x or Maalox coupon
- (1) $2.00/1 Benefiber coupon
- (2) $1.00/1 Maalox coupon
Total coupons applied:  $24.00

Total after all applied savings and coupons:  $1.40
With tax:  $1.67 

And the best part?  I don't have to grocery shop this week, for anything other than milk, because I planned each meal around things we already have in our pantry, our stockpile, fridge or chest freezer.  So, the $50.00 I had allotted for this week for groceries can be used towards stockpile items like this, if I happen to come across a deal worth a dollar or two! 

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