Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Creek Navphibase Commissary Case Lot Sale: Starting September 29

Attention commissary shoppers:  Little Creek Navphibase Commissary Case Lot Sale starts Friday September 29 and runs through October 1. Be sure to get there early, as shopping carts run out early and the deals go fast! 

You'll find terrific deals on all the following products:
-canned goods
-paper towels
-heath & beauty items
-scalloped potatoes
-peanut butter
-canned fruits and veggies
-bathroom tissue
-assorted dry soup
-hamburger helper
I'll be there first thing Friday morning; just look for my HTD canvas tote!  (And remember, when you let me know you follow HTD on Facebook, you could score a FREE bag in person, too!)

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  1. It starts Thursday or Friday? Friday is the 30th...just curious because one time I went to NOB and they were set up early so they ended up opening it on Thursday. Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Janey, according to the information I was provided, the sale starts Thursday September 29. I believe I may have said Friday in the original post.