Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show Your Support: FREE I ♥ My Sailor (Or Marine, Or Soldier, Or Coastie) Canvas Bag

Whenever I find myself waiting for my husband's ship to return, from any extended length of time, there is always an inevitable wait on base the day the ship arrives.  And with 3 children waiting with me, I have to go prepared. 

So I took advantage of the FREE tote bag offer and created one more! 

Here's The Deal:
- Click HERE to begin your FREE canvas bag creation
- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the FREE Tote Bags (Click the blue "Get Started" button)
- Under "Select Your Design", click the drop down menu bar entitled "Select Industry or Styles or Personal & Family"
- Select "Fashion"
- Select your choice of "I ♥" tote bags to begin your design
- Fill in the necessary information and follow the prompts to complete your design

The bag is free, the only thing you pay for is shipping!  Be sure to select "SLOW" shipping, for the lowest price shipping rate.  Shipping is about $4.50. 

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