Monday, October 10, 2011

SwagBucks Is Paying For Our Holiday Shopping This Year!

SwagBucks is the online search engine that rewards you with virtual dollars when you seach the internet! Similar to Google or Bing, all you have to do is use SwagBucks as your daily-go-to-search-site, type what you want to search for and click to search. The more you browse, the more SwagBucks you earn!

SwagBucks are awarded at random so you will have to remember to use SwagBucks whenever possible. Over time, your awarded SwagBucks will accrue in your online account and you will be able to purchase a wide variety of items from the SwagStore, including Amazon gift cards.

For the last year, I have faithfully used SwagBucks whenever possible and have been able to purchase several Amazon gift cards to apply to my Amazon account. I then use these gift card credits towards the purchase of training pants and toddler wipes have only had to pay about $5.00 for these items in the last 6-8 months. This is one of my secrets for keeping our grocery and household shopping budget under $200 each month.

And now, I am going to use my SwagBucks to purchase additional Amazon gift cards to help cover part of our holiday shopping this year! I will be able to purchase movies, games, toys, just about anything and thanks to SwagBucks, I will be able to stay well under our alloted budget.

Isn't that worth searching for? Now let's get you started!

To sign up for SwagBucks, please click HERE. New members will automatically earn 30 FREE SwagBucks just for signing up. NOTE: You will need to confirm your email address to complete your new SwagBucks registration!

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