Friday, October 7, 2011

Today Is Mega SwagBucks Day! (Don't Forget To Get Your Swag On!)

Today is Mega SwagBucks Friday! That means each time you search or browse the internet, you'll have a chance to score even more SwagBucks rewards dollars (virtual dollars) to apply to your SwagBucks account and redeem for prizes in the Swag Store. SwagBucks is easy to use, member registration is FREE (and super easy) and new members score 30 FREE SwagBucks just for signing up!

Already have a SwagBucks account? Terrific! Don't forget to use SwagBucks each and every time you browse the internet. Don't have a SwagBucks account yet? Let's get started, together!

Here's The Deal
Click HERE to begin with SwagBucks
- Complete your new Swagbucks registration using the new member account form (provided automatically)
- Once you have completed your SwagBucks new member account, you will automatically receive 30 FREE SwagBucks in your account
- Then just search the web using the provided search box and soon, you'll start earning SwagBucks to redeem in the Swag Store

You might be wondering: How do you get FREE diapers with SwagBucks? It's easier than you think! I have been using SwagBucks since January and have enjoyed FREE Pampers diapers and wipes with gift cards I "purchase" in the Swag Store when I redeem my SwagBucks. I use my FREE gift cards with my Mom account (registration required at and also use my Amazon Mom and Baby diaper codes I get from my FREE subscription to Baby Talk magazine inserts. When I use all three together, in a savvy manner, I can grab Pampers diapers, Pull-ups, UnderJams and wipes as low as FREE (never any more than $2.00, with shipping included)!

Bottom line: Since January, I have scored nearly $400.00 (regular retail value) of Pampers products for under $15.00. I told you SwagBucks is worth it!

So. Are you ready to start? I'll see you there!

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