Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let SwagBucks Pay For Christmas!

Let Swagbucks pay for Christmas this year (or at least, a big part of it!) So let's get your FREE account up and running!
With SwagBucks, each time you search or browse the internet, you'll have a chance to score even more SwagBucks rewards dollars (virtual dollars) to apply to your SwagBucks account and redeem for prizes in the Swag Store. SwagBucks is easy to use, member registration is FREE (and super easy) and new members score 30 FREE SwagBucks just for signing up!

Here's how to get started with Swagbucks:
- Click HERE to register with SwagBucks
- Complete your new Swagbucks registration using the new member account form (provided automatically)
- Once you have completed your SwagBucks new member account, you will automatically receive 30 FREE SwagBucks in your account
- Then just search the web using the provided search box and soon, you'll start earning SwagBucks to redeem in the Swag Store

Your SwagBucks will accrue over time and you can redeem them for FREE (completely FREE) gift cards to many of your favorite stores, including Amazon online. I just redeemed my SwagBucks for another $25 gift card and will use that with other redeemed gift cards to use towards my Christmas shopping this year.

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