Coupon Classes

In 2009, my husband and I had to make a decision regarding our growing familly:  Do I return to full-time work outside the home or, do I remain at home with our three children?  Truth be told, I desperately wanted to remain home, but, the strain of raising three children was starting to wear on our family and we had to gain a financial advantage, somehow, in order for me to remain at home. 

We took a long, hard look at our monthly expenses and, it hit me:  our grocery bill.  And from that single decision, came a hugh sigh of relief and we went from an expense of nearly $300 every two weeks at the base commissary (which was my first big mistake) to spending less than $50 per week at outside grocery stores for the same items, same brand names, same daily necessities and same enjoyments. 

It was a savings of almost $5000 the following year!  And although it wasn't the same as a second income, it was just the boost we needed for me to remain home and enjoy my committment as a stay at home mom. 

And I want to share my savings strategies with you!  Come be a part of the savings excitement at one of our local area coupon classes.  You'll enjoy 3 fun-filled hours with digital displays, take home how-to-coupon information, store scenarios examples with real products and real coupons, door prizes, coupon accessories and more.  Classes are scheduled regularly in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and a class donation of $10 per class guest is requested to help cover class materials. 

In addition to your take-home class materials, you'll also learn:
  • Smart coupon organization
  • The benefits of using a meal planner
  • How to begin a sensible stockpile  
  • Where to find additional coupons
  • How to use digital coupon resources
  • The importance of ethical coupon use
  • The importance of understanding store coupon policies
  • How to save when shopping online 
  • And more!  
Please note:  Class fee will be $15.00 per person after July 2011.  

Upcoming Classes 
Saturday July 23, 2011  11:00 a.m. until 2 p.m. 
Covenant Church
149 Business Park Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia
*Lunch will be available for purchase for $5.00 per person*

I look forward to seeing you in class very soon!