Grocery Store Etiquette: It Is Not Okay To Run Someone Over With Your Cart

In addition to saving time and money in the grocery store and, the ethical use of coupons, I am also a stickler for manners.  All day, everyday, no matter where I am, or where I am going. 

Born and raised right here in the South (living below the Mason Dixon line suits this savvy saver just fine) I was raised to practice good manners and to appreciate good manners displayed by others.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have had my fair share of elbows on the table but, you'll never see this deal diva arrive empty handed as a guest to someone's home. 

So, when I started receiving somewhat humorous emails from readers about no-no's committed in the checkout lane, I decided to take my sweet tea inspired know-how and get right down to businsess in setting folks straight about the do's and dont's when shopping in public. 

Today's email comes from Kay M., from Utah.  Kay writes:

July 10, 2011

Dear HTD,

I wanted to share a recent experience with you after shopping in my local grocery store.  After shopping for about an hour and filling up my cart, I took my place in line at the checkout.  The only checkout lane open at the time.  A few minutes later, a woman took her place in line behind me with only a few items in a handheld basket.  I asked her to go ahead since I had much more than she did. 

I thought she would say "thank you".  Instead she replied:  "Thank God.  I hate getting stuck behind people like you". 

At first, I was shocked by her response but then calmly replied:  What a coincidence.  I hate getting stuck behind like YOU!  (It took a few moments for her to register the nature of my comment but when it did, it was clear she was greatly embarassed and rightfully so)

Just thought I would share. 

Thanks for the deals,
Kay M.

HTD says: 

Hello Kay,

You displayed simple kindness when you allowed her to step in line ahead of you.  I think we both know a simple "thank you" would have been the correct response from the ungrateful shopper.  (And we are cheering for your well said, calm response!)

Hopefully, your response has taught her a lesson and from now on, she will understand her "place" in line and be a bit more graceful if ever put in the same situation, again. 

From the checkout lane,

Do you have a shopping tale you wish to share?  Please send your experiences to .  We are happy to listen to your tales of miss-mannered shoppers and will provide a healthy dose of southern sass when we respond.